Stainless Steel Plate

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Stainless steel contains chromium which provides the properties of corrosion resistance at high temperatures. Stainless steel can withstand corrosive or chemical environments due to its smooth surface. Stainless steel products are safe for long-term use with excellent resistance of corrosion fatigue. Stainless Steel Material For Blades

Stainless Steel Plate

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Yieh Corp. stainless steel plate is an extremely popular mills processed material that offers good corrosion resistance for numerous types of applications. Stainless steel plate is widely used in internal equipment, walls, pressure vessels and marine applications. 430 stainless steel plate is suitable for dry or internal environment equipment. 304 stainless steel plate is suitable for outdoor walls or windows. 316 stainless steel plate is suitable for the pressure vessel of industrial and marine applications.

Width Tolerance: Max. Aim ±10 mm Edge Crack: Max. 5 mm per side

Stainless Steel Plate

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